Foot Pain

Types of Foot Pain and Problems

Foot pain can be the first sign of potential serious problems Let our friendly consultant help you do a detailed analysis to help solve your foot pain

Effects of Foot Pain


Top – Spine Area – Fourth Floor:

Our spine. The spine is our top priority to protect, it is the body’s central support structure like a pillar, without it, the body will collapse. In the eyes of Engineers, the pillars need to sit on a solid foundation preventing the pillars from tilting. Hence, a stable foundation is crucial.

Why is the spine important? Our main blood vessels and main nerve lines are on the spine. If the spine is injured, blood vessels can’t supply oxygen causing the cells to die. If the nerve lines are injured, the hands and feet will be slightly paralyzed while the lower body is severely paralyzed.

Mid – Lower Back Area – Third Floor:

Lower back. Because of the poor gait, the knee rotates all year round, turning a screw to the lower back. Most people don’t know that the problem starts from foot pain.

Consulting a doctor and taking medicine gives short-term relief but without treatment, it can get serious. As the wear is in progress, by the time you wish to get proper treatment, it might be completely worn out. We only have one skeleton, take care of your joints.


Lower Mid – Knees Area – Second Floor:

Our knees. Poor gait causes premature wear of our kneecaps, generally between 40 and 60 years old. As many live far beyond this age, it creates issues and you might suffer more pain. Avoid going through kneecap replacement and heavy surgery costs by getting it treated now.


Lower Limb – Feet Area – First Floor:

Our Feet. Including the most common foot pain and problems are heel pain, bunions, flat foot, plantar fasciitis and many more. Foot pain can lead to other issues that will affect your body and without treatment it can become a serious problem.

Why Happy Walker is the Solution to your Foot Pain


Image Name Align your Body and Feet

Improves balance and body posture while supporting your feet while standing and walking


Image Name Optimum Balance and Comfort

Equal weight distribution and relieves stress associated with foot pain on the sole of your feet.


Image Name Shock Absorption

Provide you with superior shock absorption with added control while walking and running.


Image Name Prevent or Reduce Discomfort from Foot Pain

Better compensate for abnormalities such as Plantar Fasciitis, Bunions, etc from getting worse.


Image Name Help Alleviate Bio-Mechanical Complaints

Shock absorption with improved alignment and posture alleviates heel, knee and back pain.


Image Name Reduce Tiredness

Improved foot function and better alignment and posture reduce your fatigue level.

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