About Happy Walker

Happy Walker Keeping Your Feet Comfortable and Healthy Since 2008

Happy Walker was established to help you find the right solution to your foot pain and problems. he was having foot pain and problems. Foot pain and problems are predominant in Asia but many choose to ignore or bear with it.

Happy Walker is shoes designed by Engineers with a deep understanding of foot pain. From the perspective of an Engineer, your body is like a tall building and your feet are the solid foundation. The building will tilt without a good foundation, similar to our standing posture is affected if you experience foot pain.

For instance, in a car, your feet are the tires, it will wear off and affect the other mechanical gears if there is no proper alignment. Pronation or supination is the mechanics of walking which cause excess rotation on the kneecap and generate a screw effect that causes lower back pain, affecting your health and lifestyle.

These can be prevented with Happy Walker custom shoes and custom made insoles. Amazingly, foot pain and problems can be solved without any surgery.

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Happy Walker Technology

Happy Walker strive for improvement and innovation despite being the first in Singapore to have its own orthotics lab to develop and use new technology. While other companies are using plaster casting mold, Happy Walker is the first few companies to use the latest state of the art technology 3D scanning process with measurement accuracy up to 1um.

These scanning images are converted into 3D CAD profile using exclusive modelling software. With inputs given by customers based on the foot analysis questionnaire, a unique customer’s 3D CAD profile is created and converted to the CAM model to be sent for manufacturing. Our custom made insoles are manufactured in Singapore, thus a short lead time of only five days.

A lot of shoes are designed and made using European and American data. They generally have longer but narrower width feet while Asians have shorter and wider width feet. Happy Walker had gathered scanning data of 100,000 Asian feet and sold over 50,000 custom made insoles. With big data, Happy Walker is able to design shoes that best fits the shape of your feet.

Our aim is to help customers solve foot pain and achieve a quality lifestyle through feet care.


Custom Biomechanical Arch Support (CBAS)

Wearing Happy Walker’s custom made insoles solve your foot pain and improves your walking gait. It reduces the wear and tear of your knee cap and even reduces back pain. This technology is known as Happy Walker Custom Biomechanical Arch Support (CBAS). It is originated from Germany over 80 years ago and was further enhanced by the Americans.

Happy Walker’s custom made insoles are engineered to properly align your joints and place your foot in its natural position for walking and standing. Coupled with our extra width and depth shoes, it provides a perfect fitted support unique to customers’ foot structure and their walking ways.

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