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Will Diabetes Affect your Feet?

Nov 17, 2021

Did you know what diabetes is now one of the largest healthcare crises in the 21st century?

It is a known fact that if you have diabetes, it will definitely affect your health, and one of the areas that you need to be precautious about is your feet. As mentioned in our previous blog post, people with diabetes will develop nerve damage called peripheral neuropathy. This causes them to have lesser sensitivity to their legs.

Having neuropathy as the most common complication for people with diabetes, it is important to keep your feet protected. Because neuropathy affects the sense of sensation, it will greatly affect your feet.

As diabetes affects you, your body is unable to regulate a healthy level of glucose in your bloodstream, you can’t produce sufficient insulin to regulate your blood sugar level. Due to the irregular glucose levels, this can build up in your blood which leads to blood vessels damage. It will be difficult for your body to get oxygen and rich nutrient blood throughout your body. This affects greatly for your feet as your blood needs to defy gravity and the distance to your feet is the furthers.

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Common Diabetic Foot Problems

Besides neuropathy, there are other foot pain and problems that can occur if you have prolonged diabetes. Some of the foot pain and problems are:


If you think these are not directly related to diabetes, you need to consider how it affects your feet. You will need extra precaution because of your nerves damage. In the long run, this will gradually increase the effects of your foot pain and problems.

This can actually be avoided if you pay extra attention to your feet and start your foot care journey early. One of them is to actually have proper shoes and footwear that caters to your feet needs.


What shoes are good for Diabetes and Foot Pain

Wearing proper shoes is critical to preventing many lower-extremity and foot problems,” says Sheri Colberg-Ochs, exercise physiologist, diabetes motion expert, and author of The Athlete’s Guide to Diabetes.

At Happy Walker, we emphasise the importance of foot care and specialises in diabetic shoes. It is also important that you seek a doctor or professional podiatrist’s advice in regards to your feet condition.

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There are many brands in the market when it comes to the shoe industry, but Happy Walker is the most established company in Singapore that can provide the best custom made insoles. You will benefit from our 14 years of foot care solution experiences focused on research and product development.

Our diabetic shoes are designed specifically for your needs, and doing custom made insoles with us will definitely help you for a very long time. Our custom made insoles are also the most advanced. Designed through ergonomic principles, each shoe bends in the right place and improves your balance.

Choose the right diabetic shoes, choose Happy Walker. Visit any of our outlets for our professional consultant to do a detailed analysis of your feet and start your foot care journey with us.

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