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Walk into 2022 with Healthy Feet

Dec 29, 2021

Foot Pain – How to Manage it?

Foot pain is a common issue suffered by many and equally, ignored by many. Some of the common foot pain are overly stress, extra pressure and inflamed area of certain areas of your feet. This can lead to multiple foot pain and problems such as plantar fasciitis, morton’s neuroma, metatarsalgia, achilles tendonitis, heel spur, hammertoes, bunions, corns or calluses, high arch or flat feet.

It can start with mild pain in your arch or heel but if left untreated, it can lead to becoming worse and more painful over time. Some of the foot pain and problems can be caused due to age, certain activities or weight. As your feet carry a full load of your body weight, it puts added stress and pressure as your stand, walks or run. Therefore, it is also helpful if you reduced certain feet-stressing activities and maintain a healthy weight.


Start your Healthy Feet Journey with Happy Walker

There could be many reasons and causes that contributed to foot pain and problems, but the simplest solution is to visit Happy Walker. At Happy Walker, we will provide you with the best solution for your foot pain and problems.

We have a series of flip-flops, women’s shoes, men’s shoes, sports shoes and diabetic shoes. We use quality inexpensive calfskin to keep the cost low but still provide you with excellent support and comfort. Using our right-fitting orthotic shoes and customised insoles, it will help relieve your foot pain, improve your joint health and body postures.

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Happy Walker is the first footwear company in Singapore to have its own orthotics lab to develop and use new technology such as the 3D feet scan to create your custom made insoles. Our orthotics insole or custom made insoles are custom to your feet and placed in your shoes or footwear to correct and optimize the functions of your feet for better weight distribution and remove pressure on your heels and the ball of your foot.


Healthier Lifestyle

  • Drink a lot of plain water to keep your body hydrated and healthy.
  • Have a balanced meal diet, including more fruits and vegetables.
  • Take note of your portion size and maintain to only one meal portion for each meal.
  • Have more variety of colours on your plate such as fruits and vegetables which provide lots of vitamins and nutrients.
  • Try to climb up the stairs instead of taking the elevator if you are going to the lower floors, or park further away to gain more step counts.
  • Write down a goal for yourself, for example losing weight or eating clean and healthy.
  • Change your snack option from chips or crackers to celery sticks or healthy yogurt.
  • Begin a new activity with a friend, for example walking for 10km together.
  • Wear proper-fitting shoes and footwear with great support and comfort.
  • Practice your new walking routine and try to incorporate more as you go along.


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Towards a Healthier 2022

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