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Importance of Using the Right Shoe

Jan 12, 2022

Are you using the Right Shoe?

Do you know what you need to look out for in choosing the right shoes for yourself? Besides just the length of your feet, you also need to take into consideration the width of your feet. Shoes are not made customised to our individual feet, therefore, you need to know what to measure in order for you to have a comfortable shoe.

Many shoe manufacturers tend to get their data from western countries, and it might not fit us Asian feet as our feet are different compared to western feet. Similar to the way we look, our look varies from one another, just like how our feet vary from one another.  

First of all, Asian feet are generally much smaller compared to the western feet, which makes our feet much shorter. Our feet are also much wider, therefore, we need shoes with a wider base and toe-box area for your toes to have some wiggle space. The correct length and width of the shoe will highly influence our comfort while wearing them.

What shoes should you wear?

Shoes may differ depending on what type of shoe it is. It is ideal to always measure our feet’ length and also the width when you are choosing a shoe. Here are some tips you can keep in mind when choosing the right shoe:

  • Measure your barefoot feet while standing by using a measuring tape or feet measuring device.
  • The best timing to measure your width is in the afternoon or evening as you tend to move about more during the day making your feet increase in size due to the increased blood flow to your feet.
  • Balance your body fairly between both legs while standing to get an exact measurement of both legs, this is to refrain from the wrong measurement due to uneven body weight distribution while you are standing.
  • Place the measuring tape or feet measuring device around the widest area of the ball of your feet to get a more accurate measurement.

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Why Happy Walker is the Right Solution for You

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