“Giving a birthday surprise to our customer as she collects her custom made insole.
Thank you Jenny for the surprise birthday celebration. I am happy with her perfect customer service”


Chow Ooi Ling

“I do regular running at least three times a week. I am starting to getting knee pain due to my running posture. The feet analysis at Happy Walker shows that I am over-pronation when I walk. I have now been using Happy Walker custom made insoles for the past two months and I am really happy with the results. I no longer have the knee pain issues and my running time has improved. Thanks to Happy Walker insoles”

Joe Tan – 36

Running Enthusiastic

“I am initially worried that the custom made insoles will be uncomfortable. The consultant at Bedok Mall teaches me on how to get used or accustomed to my new custom made insoles.
I am now enjoying the benefits of custom made insoles as the insoles are providing support to my feet which has reduced my knee pain. I use them in my hiking shoes and is now ordering a second pair”

Maggie Ong – 48

Hiking Enthusiastic

“I was travelling with my two sisters to Korea for 5 days vacation trip. My foot condition is not as good as my two younger sisters. I get tired easily and cannot walk for long. I made a pair of custom made insoles from Happy Walker before leaving for my trip. I was very surprised that I enjoyed my whole trip without any discomfort during the entire 5 days. The everyday long walk did not deter me and allow me to walk very comfortably. I am actually surprised I actually fared better than my sisters who don’t have any foot problems”

Chia May Hong – 56


“I need to stand 8 hours a day with the work shoes provided by our company. I like my work but it’s difficult to accept and tolerate the foot and lower back pain I suffered every day after my work. Just before I give up, I bought a pair of comfort shoes and custom made insoles from Happy Walker. My problems was solved. I must thank my company who approved of me wearing accommodating shoes with my new custom made insoles”

Eileen Teoh

Hotel Front Office Customer Service

“I suffered from heel pain for many years as my job requires me to wear safety shoes whole day in my work. Despite seeking numerous solutions from many doctors and even resorting to a few acupuncture sessions, it shows little results. I am so happy my pain actually stopped in less than two weeks after I started wearing Happy Walker’s custom made insoles. I never looked back”

Ganish Ganda – 42

Mechanical Engineer