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Morton’s Neuroma

Sep 16, 2021

What is Morton’s Neuroma?

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Morton’s Neuroma is a common and painful foot condition that developed a growth on the nerve tissue of the foot between the third and fourth toes. Even though it is not a non-cancerous growth, it is a benign tumor that causes swelling and inflamed nerves between the ball of your toes.

This condition involves the nerves and could be caused by other types of foot pain such as metatarsalgia, bunions or hammertoes, however, it is not the exact reason how Morton’s Neuroma is developed. It could also be because of repetitive injury where there is continuous pressure to the nerves like being trapped and squashed between the metatarsal bones on your foot. This is commonly experienced by women who wear narrow and high-heeled shoes, it caused swelling and increased pressure to the nerves.

About one-third of the population is likely to experience Morton’s Neuroma and amongst them 8 out of 10 are women. This is highly likely because of the type of footwear women wear. Wearing footwear that emphasis on style and not on comfort like high heels which is commonly worn by women.

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Morton’s Neuroma does not develop overnight, it will take a long period of time to develop such a condition. And because of the long period of time, you might not notice it in an instance as it will develop gradually. Because it is not a tumor, there wouldn’t be any lump visible on the call of your foot. It could start off with you having to feel pain at first but most of us will not take it seriously as we will try to massage it off.

As it progressively increases pressure, your Morton’s Neuroma will get worse over time. From just a normal feeling of pain, you could experience a sharp intense pain that stings or burns between your toes when you stand or walk. You will see some swelling between your toes and the feeling of tingling and numbness in your foot. If you continue to wear the wrong footwear or high heels that put pressure on it, the pain will get worse when you are on the balls of your feet and you will get the feeling of standing on small rocks under the ball of your foot. Although most of us will tend to live with such conditions, without treatment and proper help, your condition will become worse.

It is highly important if you experience such symptoms to consult the doctor or certified pedorthist. You should also change your footwear and take painkillers as prescript by the doctor, in some worse cases steroid injections are needed, and for those extreme Morton’s Neuroma cases, they will need to go through surgery to remove the affected nerve and release the pressure and stress on it.

The treatment against Morton’s Neuroma depends on the severity of your condition. For non-severe cases, you just need to get proper consultation on what type of relief is suitable for your condition or you just could just need to change your footwear. Sometimes, all you need is a good pair of orthotic shoes and orthotic insoles to relieve the pain.


Happy Walker can relieve your Morton Neuroma’s pain

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Having good footwear or shoes is beneficial for you. And with Happy Walker’s variety of options, we will help you choose the right footwear for your specific type of foot or depending on what kind of foot pain you might encounter. Choosing our supportive shoes with a wide toe box is good for us Asian feet. We need shoes that are designed for our type of feet and not those that cater mostly to American and European types of feet. To further improve your standing and walking gait, use Happy Walkers’ footwear with proper insoles that absorb any shock and impact as you stand, walk or run.

Shoes with good insoles or orthotics custom shoe inserts help to reduce the pain of Morton’s Neuroma. Prolong usage will relieve the pressure and stress on the nerves and help you recover from such pain. Happy Walker provides supportive shoes which fit your feet accordingly and our insoles are shock-absorbent helping to take away your pain in every step. We provide orthotics custom shoe inserts that are available over the counter or you may even get your custom made insoles specially designed for your feet and help improve your foot condition.

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