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Aug 20, 2021

Metatarsalgia is one of the leading causes of forefoot pain, it is usually around the ball of the foot. They are the five bones that connect your toes to the middle of your foot, and the connecting points are known as metatarsal heads. It’s a known type of foot pain and problem suffered by both men and women, and 1 in every 10 individuals develop metatarsalgia at some point in their life.

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As your feet carry your body weight, it is normal that the weight gets transferred to your feet when you stand which creates a transfer of energy. In this motion of transferring of energy, the metatarsal heads underwent the most stress in the process. This creates stress and pressure which causes inflammation of the metatarsal heads and it causes pain and discomfort especially if you are running or jumping. Especially for athletes or individuals who do sports involving running or jumping, are at a higher risk of suffering from metatarsalgia as their feet absorb a lot of stress and pressure.

As for individuals who are not into sports, wearing footwear or shoes that are too tight will also cause metatarsalgia. This causes the metatarsal heads to cramp together making the blood vessels and nerves squeeze and forced into constriction. Abnormalities such as having your second toe longer than your big toe can also be a problem as this puts extra stress and pressure on your second metatarsal.

There are many reasons that cause metatarsalgia and the symptom is usually intense pain in the ball of the foot on one or both feet. It might not be intense in the beginning but it will gradually get worse over time, however, you can also feel the pain suddenly if you encountered a specific injury. The pain will cause you discomforts such as a burning sensation or the feeling of stabbing to the ball of your foot.

Metatarsalgia can interfere with your physical movement and it might affect your day-to-day routine. The severity and intensity of the pain in your metatarsalgia differ from one individual to another. It can affect just a small area of the foot or in the worst-case scenario, will affect the entire foot.

Metatarsalgia Pain


How to relieve Metatarsalgia?

There are several ways to help relieve metatarsalgia especially if it is caused by an injury. First, it is crucial that you get advice and consultation from a doctor if you encounter these symptoms. Without adequate treatment, it may deteriorate to a more intense pain which will affect your leg and hips. Your feet may also swell over time and will also lead to hip and back arthritis.

You need to manage and relieve the pain by allowing your feet have sufficient rest and by elevating it during recovery to help reduce stress and pressure. You can gradually relieve the pain by using insoles that provide support to help improve circulation and to align your metatarsal arch. These insoles will provide the most optimal support throughout your recovering period. These could be orthotics insoles or custom made insoles build specifically to your foot. Our orthotic shoes and orthotic insoles can help to relieve your foot pain and problems.

Having orthotics insoles or custom made insoles will support the metatarsal into a more natural position, preventing your feet from getting squeezed. It gives padding support to the ball of your feet with maximum shock absorption to refrain your feet from getting excessive stress and pressure. The custom made insoles will distribute pressure efficiently and not allow any one point of the feet to carry your weight more than it can handle.

Therefore, having the right footwear is important for you, especially if you encounter any foot pain and problems. Adding orthotics insoles or custom made insoles provides advantages such as support to evenly distribute your weight to reduce stress and pressure. You will definitely benefit from custom orthotics or custom made insoles as it promotes neutral alignment for your leg and improves your body posture.

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