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How to Care for your Shoes

Jan 19, 2022

Do you need to take care of your Shoes?

Not only must you take care of your feet, but you need to maintain and ensure that your shoes are kept and cleaned right. Shoes need regular upkeep and care to maintain and to stay long-lasting. A good pair of shoes is like an ongoing investment for yourself.

Especially with you get yourself a good pair of orthotics shoes. It not only takes you to places but makes sure you walk in comfort and keep your body alignment and posture in balance. This can be further improved with the use of an orthotics custom made insole, and that is why Happy Walker is your one-stop solution for your foot needs.



How to care for your Shoes?


There are different ways to care for and maintain your shoes. Here are some simple tips and care routines that you can practice to care for and maintain your shoes:

  • Normal dusting: Regularly dust off any dirt from your shoes to prevent any of it to penetrate into your shoes and ruining it.
  • Use the correct brush: Choosing the right brush or cleaner to care for and maintain your shoe is important to not ruin the shoe texture or structure.
  • Keeping shoes in shape: The best solution is to insert shoe trees, especially for dress shoes, to retain their actual shape.
  • Stay away from the sun: Remember to not leave your shoes under the direct sun as the UV light from the sun will discolor and ruin your shoe material.
  • Drying wet shoes naturally: If you get caught in the rain and it caused your shoes to get wet, let them dry naturally and not use direct heat like a hair dryer or heater.
  • Rotate your shoes: Get more than just one pair of shoes and try not to wear the same shoe continuously.


Is it easy to maintain Happy Walker Shoes?


Just like your feet, Happy Walker shoes need to be taken care of. Happy Walker is able to find the right solution to relieve your foot pain and problems, but you need to help us take care of our shoes too. Our products are made from the finest quality that provides comfort.

Not only are our products made of great quality and materials, but it also designed through ergonomic principles. Every shoe bends in the right place to prevent bending of the plantar fascia, preventing any development of other foot pain and problems.

Besides using our orthotic shoes, our orthotic custom made insoles will also help to relieve your foot pain and problems. Our custom made insoles are manufactured locally in Singapore in our orthopedics lab and the waiting period to receive your custom made insoles is much shorter. It is also easy to maintain our orthotic custom made insole, even if you’ve overworn it for a few years, you can always come back to us to get the top layer repaired.

Take care of your orthotic shoes and custom made insoles like how you take care of your feet, if you need foot solutions for your foot pain, our foot care consultants are well-trained in foot pathology, biomechanics and shoe fitting, they will provide solutions to your foot pain and problems.


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