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Happy Walker Diabetic Shoes

Nov 10, 2021

One of the highest proportions of people in Singapore suffered from diabetes. The number of people with diabetes quadrupled over the past 35 years. This is very alarming but yet expected because of our lifestyle and the way we eat.

It is important that people with diabetes keep a closer eye on their feet. Why is that so?

Diabetic Shoe 1

The chance of having poor blood circulation is high for people with poor control of their diabetes. This might cause foot ulcers to their feet which they might not even realise. Having such can cause wounds and infections, untreated wounds might have the risk of amputation if the infected area is not treated immediately.

Having prolonged diabetics will develop nerve damage called peripheral neuropathy. This causes them to have lesser sensitivity to their legs, making them unaware if they have any wounds or injuries on their feet. This will worsen if they do not have proper and right shoes or footwear.


Why Happy Walker’s Diabetic Shoe?

Diabetic Shoe 2

Having proper and right shoes or footwear can prevent any unwanted wounds and especially amputation. For Happy Walker, we understand the need and provide the proper ad right solution for you. With Happy Walker’s Diabetic Shoes, it will provide the proper support you need, the right fitting for your foot type and definitely gives comfort.

Happy Walker’s Diabetic Shoes are specifically designed to help people with diabetes protect their feet against any unwanted wounds and infections. The material used is also selected because of its soft seamless texture which prevents any skin breakage or breakdown.

Our Diabetic Shoes not only provide excellent comfort, but they actually provide great protection for your feet. The interior of our diabetic shoes is also made from soft seamless texture materials to refrain from cuts or abrasion. The toe box area is also widened to provide extra room for the toes and not cause additional stress or tension to the skin.

For even better support and balance, customising the insole will also help. Having custom made insoles will provide better weight distribution on your feet and relieve any pressure points. This will help in relieving any stress or tension while you are on your feet.


Happy Walker’s Diabetic Shoes Benefits:

  • Soft seamless material with no interior stitching
  • Extra toe box area to provide extra room for the toes
  • Specially fitted for proper support
  • Firm toe and heel end for added protection
  • Thick and padded to provide excellent comfort
  • Extra-depth inner sole to accommodate custom made insoles
  • Anti-skid sole to prevent slip and fall


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