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How Happy Walker Diabetic Shoes Help You

Nov 24, 2021

As mentioned in our previous blog postings, diabetes will affect your life, but that does not mean you can’t enjoy life. Having neuropathy means you have to be more aware of your feet as your sensation to your feet gets reduced. Having proper shoes and footwear will definitely benefit you.

There are different kinds of injuries that you might get if you do not have proper shoes or footwear on. That is the major issue you need to avoid. But how to avoid those injuries?

With Happy Walker Diabetic Shoes of course.

Studies show that using diabetic shoes can reduce amputation and ulceration by over 50%. Our diabetic shoes are designed with a widen toe area to help provide your feet with excellent comfort and protection, unlike any other shoes. Our soft anti-friction material will protect your skin from abrasion, cuts and skin breakage.



What Happy Walker Diabetic Shoes Helps with?

There are many benefits in Happy Walker Diabetic Shoes that will help you if you have diabetes. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Properly fit to your fit
  • Prevent you from getting any injury on your feet
  • Slip-resistant outsole to prevent you from slipping and falling
  • Mostly covered to protect your feet
  • Soft anti-friction lining to prevent abrasions
  • Adjustable strap to adjust to your fit
  • Improves your body posture
  • Align your feet correctly
  • Overall improve your walking gait


Can Custom Made Insole be placed in Diabetic Shoes?

Specialising in custom made insoles, Happy Walker can help you. How? Our custom made insoles are designed and crafted specifically to your feet. This also means we provide the right solution to your foot pain and problems.

Our custom made insoles are also the most advanced. Furthermore, our diabetic shoes bend in the right place when you are lifting your foot to help you walk better. This is designed through ergonomic principles, which you will benefit from

You don’t have to worry, our friendly consultant will be more than happy to assist you. Our consultants are well-trained in foot pathology, biomechanics and shoe fitting, they will provide solutions to you. Come and visit us at any of our outlets near you.

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