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Do You Often Suffer From Foot Pain?  Why is custom-made insole?

Sep 19, 2022

Do You Often Suffer From Foot Pain? 

About 50% to 60% of Asians including Singaporeans suffer from foot problems, hence foot pain is pretty
prevalent. Many suffers either stand or walk for long hours. Medication, acupuncture, massage or foots oak can only relieve the pain temporarily. However, you may yet to realize that simply a pair of custom-made orthopedic insoles may help rectify the problem.

A Singaporean, Ms Toh : I used to have very severe foot pain, I couldn’t stand and walk for long,
and sometimes I need to take painkillers to relieve the pain.” Coincidently, she came upon Happy Walker
shop, she ordered two pairs of custom-made insoles and a pair of women’s shoes. “It’s not only
comfortable to wear, I also feel very relaxed. The foot pain problem that has bothered me many years has
been resolved.”

Another 56-year-old Singaporeans, Ms. Chia May Hong said, “I was travelling with my two sisters to
Korea for a 5-day vacation. Previously, my foot condition is not as good as my two younger sisters. I get
tired easily and cannot walk for long. Before leaving for my Korean trip, I bought a pair of custom-made
insoles from Happy Walker. I was very surprised that I enjoyed my whole trip without any discomfort
during the entire 5 days. During the trip, the daily long walk did not deter me. The in-soles allow me to
walk very comfortably. I am actually surprised that I actually fared better than my sisters who don’t have
any foot problems”

Why is custom-made insole so amazing?

Happy Walker is the leading foot care retail franchise. Founder, Mr. Teo Shu Tong is a pedorthist, the
trained certified health care professional who uses custom-made arch support or orthopedic Insoles,
healthy shoes and other foot appliances to tackle problems caused by foot deformities.

Mr. Teo explained, “Someone with a foot problem will go to a podiatrist. In fact, other than podiatrist, the
shoe-maker is also involved in the problem-solving process. A pedorthist is is the bridge between the
above two roles. Hence a pedorthist possess the knowledge of the podiatrist and the that of healthy
footwear. ”

Mr. Teo was also the first to introduce custom-insole orthopedic in-sole services to Singapore.
He said that the insole made by Happy Walker is not any ordinary insole, but an orthopedic insole
customized according to the specific conditions of each person. Happy Walker’s customized insoles are
engineered using the principle of bio-mechanics and using state of the art technologies to properly align
the joints and putting your foot in its natural position for walking and standing. Coupled with our extra
width and depth shoes, this will provide a perfectly fitted support unique to customers’ foot structure and
their walking ways.

Many times, orthopedic insoles can help you solve problems that doctors may not be able to solve.
Generally-speaking in the case of knee joint pain, doctor would usually prescribe painkillers, or do a
kneecap-replacement operation. On the other hand, orthopedic insoles can help reduce wear and tear
and extend the lifespan of joints without side effects.
Besides that, orthopedic insoles are indeed effective in rectifying the problem. “Supposed you are
suffering from myopia of 300 degrees, resulting in blur vision. Wearing spectacle will rectify the shortsightedness problem. The same goes for orthopedic insoles.”

Who will need custom-made orthopedic insoles?
Mr. Teo named some common foot deformities  heel spurs, bursitis (valgus toe),
Achilles tendinitis, sciatica, Morton neuroma, flat foot, high arched feet (concave feet), mallet toes,
calluses, etc. can cause foot pain.
For instance, flat foot is one of the most common structural deformities of the foot. 20% -30% of the
world’s population has flat foot. The sole of a normal person’s foot will show an arch shape, while a flat
foot person’s medial arch is collapsed or begins to collapse at some point. Flat feet can also cause
plantar fasciitis, medial leg tendonitis, knee pain, and even chronic low back pain.

Cindy Ng, found that after wearing Happy Walker custom-made insole
for a year, her heel bones gradually straighten and her valgus condition was no longer obvious.
According to American College of Foot and Ankle Orthopedics and Medicine 2004 research findings ,there are as many as 32 disorders in which podiatrist would prescribe orthopedic insoles, and related disorders can be as many as 69.

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