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Dec 08, 2021

What are Corns?

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One of the common foot problems is corns. So what are corns?

Corn is actually a bulging hard skin that appears on your feet. It usually feels like a thick raised hard skin, decolorised to a more yellowish patch of skin and is usually causes discomfort and pain when you walk in your shoes.

When you develop corn, the center of the corn is where the core is. It is where the greatest friction or pressure is stressed on. There are hard corns and soft corns, the hard corns are on the upper surfaces of the toes while the soft corns are in between the toes. Such corns started to develop to protect your skin from those prolonged damages.


What Causes Corns?

Corns appeared due to damages from prolonged rubbing or pressure on your feet. All of which are developed due to improper and wrong footwear. It appears on the knobby portion of your toes because of using the wrong footwear. As most shoes are made according to the American and European feet, they tend to be more narrow. This caused irritation to the feet knobby portion as the shoes are too tight.


Symptoms of Corns?


How can you prevent Corns?

If you are suffering from extreme pain due to corns, it is best to seek advice from a doctor or a professional pedorthist. Other than that, it is best to use the right footwear to prevent such corns. With Happy Walker, our shoes are uniquely designed and made with a widened toe space area which fits our Asian feet better compared to the American and European shoes.

The most important factor that Happy Walker focuses on is to provide the solution for foot pain and heel pain. Wearing our shoes and footwear will help to reduce pain and irritation, easing you as you stand or walk. With the excellent support and comfort it provides, it helps to cushion the affected feet pain area, reducing pressure and stress.

Other than using the right shoes and footwear, custom made insoles can further relieve the pain and discomfort. As our custom made insoles are designed and made custom to your feet, it will help you balance better and correct your body alignment. In the long run, it will release any pressure point or stress to your feet, enabling the corns to be reduced. Using orthotic shoes or orthotic insoles will definitely help you.

Once your corns are reduced, it is best to prevent them from reappearing. In order to do so, you have to wear the right shoes and footwear, continue to benefit from the support of the custom made insole and always find the right solution to any other foot pain and problems. Here, in Happy Walker, we are dedicated to providing you with the right solution to your foot pain and problems.

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