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Dec 22, 2021

Difference between Calluses and Corns

In our previous blog entry, we’ve shared with you about corns. Corns are the thicken raised skin appearing at the bony area of your feet which causes pain and discomfort when you walk and stand.

Calluses are similar but not the same. So what is the difference between Calluses and Corns?

Calluses are also thicken raised skin but they appeared at the bottom of your feet. They also caused pain and discomfort when you walk and stand. Calluses are developed to protect your feet from stress, pressure and irritation of rubbing or friction on your feet, hence, the skin on that affected area will thicken.

Calluses are developed over a period of time and they will need time to go away too. It is best to seek a doctor or a professional pedorthist advice if you suffer from severe pain and discomfort from your calluses.


What are Calluses?



As mentioned, calluses are thickened skin found on the bottom of your feet where there is added stress, pressure and constant friction on a certain area of your feet. Over time, it creates skin damage and at times friction might cause blisters which leads to cuts and infections.

Calluses are caused by using shoes that do not fit properly to your feet, causing friction. Therefore, it is important to use shoes that fit properly and help to support your feet. Having calluses might cause abnormalities to the movement of your feet and legs as it compensates for the pain and discomfort as you walk and stand.

Causes of Calluses
  • Wearing shoes that do not fit properly will cause more friction to your feet
  • Wearing narrow toe-box footwear such as high-heels
  • People who are always on their feet will have added weight pressure to their feet
  • People with flat feet will experience extra pressure to the ball of their feet
  • People with a high arch will experience extra pressure on the outer part of the feet
  • Other foot pain and problems such as hammertoes, bunions or plantar fasciitis might cause abnormal walking patterns causing extra pressure


How to Prevent Calluses?

If you continue to wear footwear or shoes that do not fit you properly, calluses will continue to develop and you will still experience constant pain and discomfort. This can be prevented by using the right fitting shoes, and Happy Walker shoes can help you relieve the pain and discomfort you might be experiencing.

Happy Walker has different ranges of footwear, orthotic shoes, diabetic shoes, insoles, and custom made insoles. You can customised your insoles with us to get the perfect fit for your feet. Using orthotic shoes and insoles will help. We will also do a detailed analysis of your feet and custom your customised insoles according to your feet analysis.

Happy Walker custom made insoles will benefit you especially if you have other types of foot pain and problems such as flat feet, bunions, plantar fasciitis, hammertoes, Achilles Tendonitis, Morton’s Neuroma, high arch, metatarsalgia, diabetic feet, corns and of course calluses.

Our orthotic custom made insoles help to reduce your calluses and eventually relieve your pain and discomfort. Your customised insoles will provide the needed support your feet need to give you optimum balance as you stand, walk and run. Having orthotic shoes will further improve your walking gait and using our right range of shoes and footwear will provide great absorption and comfort for you.

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Just visit us at any of our outlets near you and our consultant will assist you in finding the right solution for your foot care needs. It’s never too late to start your foot care journey and Happy Walker is happy to help you walk in the right path of healthy feet.

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