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“Our feet are the first parts to be affected by nerve issues because they are the farthest from our hearts and spine,” explained Carolyn McAloon, DPM, a Bay Area pedorthist and president of the California Podiatric Medication Association.

Foot pain may be caused by different diseases, deformities, improper footwear or injuries. It should not be overlooked because it can be the first sign of potentially serious problem.

Some foot pain and problems may be issues related to foot’s arch, alignment or other pressure distribution issues. There are different symptoms for different foot pain and need to be treated accordingly.

If you are unsure of the cause of your foot pain, you need to seek advice and let our friendly consultant help you to do a detailed analysis to help you solve your foot pain and problem.

Custom Made Insoles Process

Foot pain can be the first sign of potential serious problems Let our friendly consultant help you do a detailed analysis to help solve your foot pain

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