• Do you end each day feeling as if you can’t take another step because if foot pain?
  • Or hate shoe shopping because you can never seem to find just the right shoes?
  • Do you hate walking because you suffer from arthritis, bunions, heel or arch pain?

FootSteps Personal Evaluation

Step right in today and for our “FootSteps Personal Evaluation”. Your feet will be glad you did because at Happy Walker, we utilise advanced computerised scanning technologies to determine the optimum solution for people experiencing common foot problem like bunions, hammertoes, fallen arches or just tired arching feet. Our staff are skilled fitting professionals – trained to provide foot solutions with a broad range of footwear, custom orthotics and innovative arc support.

Come feel and explore a world of comfortable options and perfect fit. You will be amazed at how our foot solutions will help you feel healthy and happy. Happy Walker will help you improve your posture and reduce pain in your shoulders, back, legs and knees. Athletes can also choose from an array of special shoes and insoles that will help improve performance, increase metabolism and calorie-burning power.